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Weddings at First Church

There is a diversity of understandings and expectations of marriage in our culture today.  Every couple brings with them their hopes and dreams for a beautiful celebration; therefore, it is very important that from the outset couples and pastor come together in a common understanding of their wedding and marriage.  To that end, please consider the following policies carefully:

Christian marriage is a sacred and joyous covenant made before God, as well as friends and family. First Church in Windsor sees the wedding service as an act of worship. The officiating Pastor will work with each couple to design a service that will take seriously the desires of the couple, but which also honors the Christian worship tradition. The final decision with regard to the content, music, and order or the service rests with the Pastor.

Church Membership

You do not need to be a member of the First Church in Windsor to be married in the church, though we hope that the couple will participate in the worship life of the church and make First Church their spiritual home.


Minister $250  $250
Organist / Pianist $200 $200
Sexton $100 $100
Building (Meetinghouse only) $0 $400
Nelson Hall (Reception) *OPTIONAL $100* $100*


Roles of the Clergy

Because pastors are called by the First Church to conduct its rites, rituals, and services or worship, a Pastor of the First Church is expected to officiate at all weddings.  A pastor from First Church may invite other clergy from outside the church community to join at his/her discretion if the couple desires. 

Reserving a Date

To inquire about using First Church for your wedding, please call our office at 860-888-7229. When a couple first calls the church regarding their wedding plans, a note is made of the tentative date on the church calendar until the couple meets with the minister. Non-member couples will need to send a non-refundable deposit check of $400.00, which will be applied to the building fee.  

LGBT Weddings

Yes, we conduct same-gender weddings!  First Church in Windsor is an Open and Affirming congregation, which means that all people, regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, or language are welcome.

Premarital Counselling 

First Church in Windsor recommends that every couple will have premarital counseling.  Every couple MUST meet a pastor of the church at least twice to understand our particular traditions and to plan a service.

The Rehearsal

Wedding rehearsals are required for weddings, except very small ones.  It is essential that all members of the wedding party be present and arrive on time.  Parents of the couple are encouraged to be present. The rehearsal takes approximately one hour.


All arrangement for music must be made directly with the Minister of Music. If the organ or piano is to be used, First Church’s Minister of Music will be given “the right of first refusal” for providing wedding music. Additional music or instruments may be included or substituted at the discretion of the Minister of Music. The Minister of Music, in conjunction with the pastor will have the final word regarding what music and/or instruments are appropriate for use in the wedding service.

All music chosen should be consistent with the spirit of Christian worship. Particular requests will be given serious consideration. However, the standards which apply to all services of worship within the church apply to weddings as well. Secular music more properly belongs at the reception.

If a soloist is desired, the couple must make private arrangements with him/her.   The couple is responsible for seeing that the soloist makes contact with the Minister of Music at least one (1) month before the wedding to arrange for rehearsals and to coordinate the roles of each. The couple is responsible for any fees paid to the soloist.

Flowers and Decorations

Arrangements for the flowers and decorations are the responsibility of the wedding couple.  First Church is an historic building, and we do allow tape or pins to be attached to pews or walls.  Any decoration that may damage the facility is not permitted.

Wedding Guest Guidelines

  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the property.

  • Alcoholic beverages/illegal substances are prohibited on all church property.

  • Anyone arriving at the church under the influence of alcohol or drugs, in the opinion of the Church Staff or Pastor, will be asked to leave.

  • Rice and/or confetti are not permitted either inside or outside of the building.

  • Guests may take pictures only before or after the ceremony. We ask that you have your ushers inform your guests of this policy.




First Church Windsor

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