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We are now open for in-person worship. We will continue to broadcast the service on Facebook LIve and on WIN-TV.

107 Palisado Avenue , Windsor , CT 06095
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Children's Moments

Each Sunday, our Director of Children's Ministries, Erin Newcomb-Moore, delivers a children's message for the youngest members of our First Church family. Click here to watch the full playlist.



Illuminated Faith

In the summer of 2021, nearly 30 church members participated in the REVEALED project, created by Scott Indermaur. each participant wrote a statement beginning “I Believe In...”and created a small box filled with items to represent these beliefs in visual form. To hear these essays in video form, click here.








Star Gifts

Each year, during the season of Epiphany, volunteers upcycle old Christmas cards by cutting them into star shapes and adding words such as "healing", "peace", and "grace" along with a corresponding scripture verse. These "star words" are handed out to members with the hope that they can meditate on the word and the verse throughout the new year. Last year, some participants recorded short videos about the star word they received to share with the congregation. You can watch the full playlist here.








God the Artist

In september of 2021, our Creative Worship Team began a new worship installation titled "God the Artist." The project reflected on the artistry of God's creation in the world around us and involved several special visits from local artists. One such artist was Ana Cueva who joined Pastor Nicole for a scared conversation about weaving.








Special Slideshows

Throughout the year, we create multiple special slideshows for holidays such as Veterans Day, Mothers Day and the Blessing of the Animals. Members and friends are invited to send in photos of loved ones which are then shared with the congregation. Click here to view our slideshow playlist.








First Church Windsor

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