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Sunday Worship 10:00 AM – Worship Service / Nursery and Sunday School for children.

107 Palisado Avenue , Windsor , CT 06095
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Jesus' Teaching about Divorce

posted on October 07

Pastor Nicole takes on the difficult subject of divorce in her sermon on World Communion Sunday.  Scripture reading is the lectionary passage for this day, Mark 10:1-12.

Welcome the Child

posted on September 30

Pastor Nicole talks about the children in our church and community in her sermon titled "Welcome the Child."  Scripture reading is Mark 9:30-37.

Whoever Is For Us

posted on September 23

Pastor Nicole talks about our gratitude to Native Americans in her sermon titled, "Whoever Is For Us."  Scripture reading is Mark 9:38-50.

Who Do You Say That I Am

posted on September 16

Pastor Nicole ponders the question Jesus posed to his disciples, Who Do You Say That I Am?  Scripture reading is Mark 8:27-38.

Even the Dogs

posted on September 09

Senior Pastor Nicole Grant Yonkman describes the story when Jesus changes his mind about a Syrophoenician woman and her child.  Scripture reading is Mark 7:24-37.

All Kinds of Love

posted on September 02

Senior Pastor Nicole Grant Yonkman reflects on the love poems in the Song of Solomon.  Her sermon is titled "All Kinds of Love", and the scripture reading is Song of Solomon 2:8-13.

The Messy Church

posted on August 26

Pastor Adrienne Armes speaks about inter-generational church activities and the volunteer spirit in her sermon titled "The Messy Church."  Scripture reading is 1 Corinthians 12:12-26.

Building a Firm Foundation

posted on August 05

Senior Pastor Nicole Grant Yonkman commissions this week's Youth Service Trip with her sermon "Building a Firm Foundation."  Scripture readings are 1 Corinthians 3:10-11 and Matthew 7:24-27.

Feeding the 5000

posted on July 29

Senior Pastor Nicole Grant Yonkman gives her perspective on the story of the Loaves and Fishes in a sermon titled "Feeding the 5000."  One source of the Loaves and Fishes story is found in Mark ...

Into the Wilderness

posted on July 22

In her sermon titled "Into the Wilderness", Senior Pastor Nicole Grant Yonkman advises us to seek God in a quiet, peaceful setting.  Scripture reading is Mark 6:30-34.

No Partiality

posted on January 11

On Open and Affirming Sunday, June 26, 2016, Pastor Nicole Grant Yonkman and Claudia Jones conducted a sacred conversation titled "No Partiality."  Claudia Jones, a First Church member and local ...

"Sacred Calf"

posted on November 06

Listen here to Mike Bassett's 11/5 sermon, "Sacred Calf."

“A Sacred Conversation on the Reforming Church”

posted on October 30

Listen here to  “A Sacred Conversation on the Reforming Church” between Pastor Nicole and Rev. Rick Huleatt, Pastor Emeritus.

"Sing a Song of Salvation"

posted on October 23

Listen here to Rev. Tamara Moreland's 10/22 sermon, "Sing a Song of Salvation."

"Time and Again"

posted on October 16

Listen here to Rev. Travis Armes' 10/15 sermon, "Time and Again."

"The Good News is Always Close to the Fire"

posted on October 09

Listen here to Pastor Nicole's 10/8 sermon, "The Good News is Always Close to the Fire."

"Plagues Rain Down"

posted on October 05

Listen here to Pastor Nicole's 10/1 sermon, "Plagues Rain Down."

"Planted By Our Fathers"

posted on June 20

Listen here to Pastor Nicole's Father's Day sermon, "Planted by Our Fathers."

First Church Windsor

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