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Women's History Month at FCW

posted on March 21

Rev. Dr. Davida Foy Crabtree grew up in a little UCC church in Northfield CT and went off to Silver Lake as an awkward 7th grader in 1957, unsure of herself, tired of the bullies in school, and wanting new friends. It changed her life! Over the next summers, she got to meet a Freedom Rider, learned about the gospel’s social teaching and committed herself to ministry. She worked in campus ministry, started the first women’s caucus of the UCC in 1971, founded the Prudence Crandall Center in New Britain, pastored Colchester Federated Church for 11 years, then became Conference Minister in Southern California, followed by Connecticut, where she served for 14 years. She was the first woman in that role in both places. She says “I like to say I try to live justly and to live for justice. Silver Lake, Andover Newton, and parish and conference ministry all taught me that. I know I don’t succeed, but I do try earnestly!” Now Davida lives at Seabury in Bloomfield where she has found a new loving and accepting community. She is currently serving as Clerk of our church and on the Prudential Committee, as well as a Trustee of Andover Newton Seminary at Yale. 

First Church Windsor

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