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From Pastor Nicole

posted on August 02

Dear Church family and friends,
So much has happened in our world since our last Edge, and it has caused many of our community to question “Where is God in the midst of this?” In keeping with the belief that even in the midst of great grief and tragedy, God is able to bring goodness and redemption, First Church in Windsor has been responding. After the mass shooting in Orlando, FCW became a sacred place of community hope when we hosted the Interfaith Candlelight Vigil on June 19. Imam Sami Aziz from the Bloomfield Muslim Community Center and mosque, William Gleason from Hairdresser on Fire, Claudia Jones from FCW, and Katie Halek as a community organizer all spoke eloquently about our need to come together. It was a great moment. What was amazing to me, was that FCW was already primed and prepared to play the role of host and community builder. In continuation of our mission to build support and understanding with our Muslim neighbors, we had posted signs “To our Muslim Neighbors, Blessed Ramadan.” In preparation for our first “Open and Affirming” themed Sunday worship, we had hung a rainbow flag on our church. The Deacons recognized that this moment in our community needed us, and they stepped up in a big way. We were fully present to the community to offer a time to process our grief, and begin to come together in true solidarity.

I believe we cannot underestimate the impact of this event in the life of the church. There has been a coming together, a palpable energy, a feeling of beginning to coalesce around a common vision for the future. It’s a beautiful thing. As we move forward together, let us notice these moments when feel the presence of God upon our community and that we are the hands and feet, eyes and ears of Jesus to those who need it most. Let’s try to do more of that. When we do, our church will start to really move. Windsor has already taken notice, with articles in the Windsor Journal, and the Hartford Courant. I have been meeting with community leaders and making plans for outreach. Several newspapers are also featuring stories about my new role at FCW in the coming weeks. Things are definitely happening! For the month of August, we continue our “Favorite Bible Stories” series, including a wonderful celebration of Vacation Bible School. Finally, on a personal note, we finally moved on July 6th to 101 Hillcrest in Windsor. We are still doing some renovations on the home, so things will be in disarray for a while still. Thanks for the help and welcomes to the community.

Shalom blessings to you,
Pastor Nicole

First Church Windsor

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