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Book Buddy News

posted on July 20

We wrapped up another successful year in June with our last Book Buddy visits to the kindergarteners at the Simpson-Waverly School in Hartford and to the four year olds at our own Early Learning Center. As always, the students were good audiences for our read-aloud sessions, and grateful receivers of their books. Thank you for your continued generosity with your book donations. As we think about continuing our Book Buddy mission for the up-coming school year, we will begin by sending each of you an email (later in the summer) asking you to prayerfully consider remaining on our list of adult book donors. We would like to have enough folks on our list to be enabled to continue both our partnership with the Simpson-Waverly kindergartens and our newer partnership at the Early Learning Center. Last year, the Simpson classes were small in size, so that we were able to cover both schools. Next year, their classes are apt to be much larger. So, we will need as many adult volunteers as possible. Calling All Book Buddies Current and New!!! We would love to be able to retain our current list of volunteers plus add new ones. If you would like to become a Book Buddy (basically, donating 3 new hardcover, kindergarten-level books per year to help foster a love of reading in students who, otherwise, do not have access to books) please email or call us for more information. We will also have an information table set up after church on a few Sundays in September. Many thanks and blessings to all! Andrea Schnure ( 860-683-2385) Ginny Drapeau ( 860-219-9388)

First Church Windsor

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