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Sunday Worship 10:00 AM – Worship Service / Nursery and Sunday School for children.

107 Palisado Avenue , Windsor , CT 06095
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Generosity IS a ministry.

At First Church we seek to serve our community and our world through the generous devotion of our time, our spirit, and our resources.  The thoughtful stewardship of our members' financial gifts not only supports our ministries, it IS a ministry.

Generosity Team

Members who financially support our ministries are often not present to witness the powerful moments made possible by their generosity.  The young campers' joy when running into Silver Lake for the first time.  The moment when a teen volunteer first sees the world through new eyes while on a service trip .  The hours of gentle conversation and fellowship we bring to the elderly and sick who can no longer come to us.

Our Generosity Team works not only to nurture the financial stewardship or our community, but also to help our members understand the ways that their generosity fuels the mission and ministries of First Church.  Look for Generosity news in our quarterly newsletters, financial reports, Edge articles, and church announcements.


Generosity Season

We kick off our Generosity Season each fall.  This is a great time to renew pledged giving and explore other avenues of financial support.  You are part of a long legacy of generosity at First Church!  We hope you think of that each time you see our Old Wooden Box!

The Old Wooden Box

Our Old Wooden Box is made from the floor boards laid down in this meetinghouse when it was constructed in 1794.  When the floor was rebuilt in 1997 the original boards were recycled into many useful items such as coffee tables, stools, desks, and wall hangings. A carpenter built the Old Wooden Box and gave it to us to be used for special offerings and gifts.

We are proud of our long church history which began in 1630 with 140 people who sailed on the Mary and John to Dorchester, MA in search of freedom and opportunities.  In 1635 some of these immigrants came overland to the confluence of the Farmington and Connecticut Rivers. They built a church, a community, and the town of Windsor.

We are now the beneficiaries of this legacy and it is our duty and responsibility to maintain and expand our ministries and programs to ensure that First Church remains vibrant, flourishing, and meaningful to our members and the community.

This Old Wooden Box is a symbol of our shared commitment to this church and its ministries. Our generosity today connects us to  past generations and sets the course for future generations that will follow us.

- Dorothy Merz for the Generosity Team





First Church Windsor

(860) 688-7229