First Church Windsor

We are now open for in-person worship. We will continue to broadcast the service on Facebook LIve and on WIN-TV.

107 Palisado Avenue , Windsor , CT 06095
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(860) 688-7229

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The United Church of Christ

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Creative Worship

At First Church, we aim to make every worship service a unique and memorable celebration. We regularly celebrate themed worship, such as Native American Sunday or Earth Day Sunday, invite special guest speakers and preachers, and love to showcase the musical talent in our community. Recently, we have introduced special Jazz and Contemporary Music worship services and, since installing LED screens, make often use of videos and photography. 

What really gives worship at First Church the "Wow Factor" are our liturgical art installations, provided by our Creative Worship Team. These installations are far more than just decoration. They enhance our worship by providing meaning, mood and an opportunity for visual meditation. These visual aids can successfully communicate where words may sometimes fail, such as young children, people with learning challenges, or people who learn visually. We hope you'll join us to see for yourself! If you would like to volunteer to help with these installations, please reach out to Laurel Pepin at

First Church Windsor

(860) 688-7229 Click to email